SYNERGY: A combined and correlated force; a united action.

In the field of architecture, design and construction itís the combined efforts of the architect, owner and contractor that makes a project successful. The goals of Synergy Architecture, LLC are simple. Our intention is to provide our clients with a useful, aesthetically pleasing and well-built structure that fulfills the program, corresponds with the budget, and is built within a defined schedule. It is through the architects at Synergy that the combined efforts of all the contributing consultants, i.e. engineers, landscape architects, graphic artist, etc. and the intent of the owner becomes a reality.

We believe that a successful building provides a fully functional plan while acknowledging and responding to the existing context of the site, be it urban, suburban or rural. We view the building as a component of the land on which it is sited, and strive to reflect its surroundings, integrating the structure into its environment.

We regard our relationship with our client as a critical component of the design and construction process. Right from the start, we work closely with members of the building committee to establish the true needs and goals of the project. Throughout the design and construction, we will continue consistent communication to validate assumptions, solve problems, and inform our client on the progress of the work. This close interaction enables us to fully explore the project's objectives, clearly define the program, and ultimately provide a customized solution that meets all of the established project goals.